CarTrax gives you instant visibility of your inventory, enabling Sales, Service and Finance to find any car in seconds. Losing a sale because you can’t find a specific car is frustrating and should never happen, but it does. With CarTrax, you close deals faster and get buyers in a car without delay.

CarTrax identifies the whereabouts of every vehicle at your dealership whether it’s on your lot, in service, detailing, or on a remote lot. From a phone or computer your teams can find any car in seconds.

Prevent Sales Walk-Aways

Maintain sales flow without distruption
CarTrax accelerate sales velocity – It eliminates the nightmare scenario of gaining a buyer’s trust, only to lose it while you hunt for the car and they hunt somewhere else. Instead, you can locate a car in seconds, and get your client in it, fast.

Cut Cost of Inventory Verification

Speed-up and simplify verification
Junior staff can easily verify inventory in a fraction of the time, and with greater accuracy than existing methods and software solutions, simply by driving or walking around your lots with a hand-held RFID reader.

Track All Vehicle Movements

Track vehicles as they come and go
Every vehicle movement in and out of facilities and from space to space, or service bay to service bay can be tracked and kept up-to-date so you always know the status and availability of vehicles. Is a vehicle in for service, out for a test drive, or parked in a remote lot? You’ll never have to guess, again.

Improve Inventory Visibility

Know the location of all vehicles
Improved inventory visibility frees management from the hassle of resolving discrepancies that occur when verifying the floorplan so they can focus on managing the business.

CarTrax Benefits

  • Enables Sales to find cars quickly

  • Reduces walk-outs in sales process

  • Provides accurate inventory visibility

  • Increases available selling time

“Searching for cars is embarrassing, and it sometimes kills the sale. We strive to get a new customer in a car within an hour – that was impossible without CarTrax!”
Sales Manager, SC-based Dealership

CarTrax uses tiny inexpensive RFID tags fitted to cars and strategically placed RFID readers. Whenever a car enters a lot or passes by one of the readers distributed around the lot, the vehicle’s position is recorded.

For finer location precision, vehicles can be located to a specific parking spot using a hand-held reader when the car is parked, or during a regular scan.

Sales, Finance, Service and Porters can look up any vehicle in their dealer management system from a mobile device or desktop and know precisely where it is located.

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