CarTrax is an RFID-based vehicle identification and tracking system that helps automotive dealerships enhance the service experience, close deals faster and streamline service and reconditioning processes.

Using small low-cost tags attached to vehicles and RFID readers placed strategically around your facilities, CarTrax identifies, locates and tracks your inventory and customer vehicles throughout the dealership and offsite lots.



Sales can locate any car in seconds from their phone, and take the client directly to it.


Fast, accurate inventory verification helps Finance do what they do, better!


Lets Service Advisors recognize customers as they arrive, and give them a VIP reception.


Customers appreciate good service, and will reward you with their loyalty.

The use of location tracking is only limited by your imagination. From reducing friction in the sales process to giving service customers a warm, professional greeting on arrival, CarTrax saves everyone time and anxiety. And there’s so much more it can do behind the scenes, to improve efficiency and maximize profits.

For example, you can track trade-ins through the reconditioning process or track a customer’s vehicle as it progresses through service. By doing so, you eliminate unnecessary delays and keep customers informed – so they know what’s happening without having to bug you, and they’re not left wondering when their vehicle is ready for pick-up.

Perhaps you’re worried about a particular loaner return, or you want to greet a VIP customer in person, next time they come in. You can be notified on your phone the moment they arrive.

The CarTrax Advantage

  • Can locate any vehicle with bay-level accuracy

  • Designed to work with your existing processes and tools

  • Integrates with your preferred Dealer Management System

  • Uses inexpensive, industry leading and proven RFID technology

  • Cloud based solution for fast deployment and no maintenance

  • Delights service customers with fast check-ins and status updates

Learn how CarTrax can help your dealership sell more, streamline processes, and delight your customers every time they come in.