CarTrax helps dealerships give every customer the VIP experience they deserve, even when your service advisors are swamped. It lets you speed up loaner returns, drop-offs, check-in and check-out and keep your customers fully informed about the status of their vehicle as it is being serviced.

Proactive, VIP Service

Proactive customer service
CarTrax empowers service advisors and porters to be more proactive. Being informed of incoming customers and the status of any service vehicle, they can greet and treat customers with courtesy and professionalism – and not be pulled from one thing to the next, constantly fighting fires.

Fast Service Experience

Speedy Drop-off and Check-in
Beyond saving customers time with speedy vehicle drop-off and pick-up, you can keep them informed of their vehicle’s progress through the shop, car wash and detailing. Whether they wait, or go offsite, they can get real-time status updates on displays in the lounge, and through email and SMS.

Improved Loyalty and CSI

Get Customer Appreciation
CarTrax enables subtle improvements in customer service, which pay dividends in customer satisfaction. Simply acknowledging customers by name and knowing about their vehicle, within two minutes of arrival, can raise CSI by over 40 points, lead to larger repair orders, and boost customer loyalty and referrals.

CarTrax Benefits

  • Eliminates service drive chaos

  • Improves CSI up to 44 points

  • Reduces customer waiting time

  • Increases Repair Order value

  • Raises service customer retention

  • Cuts down service advisor stress

“Service satisfaction improves by 44 points when a service advisor greets customers within two minutes of their arrival; yet, 27% of customers indicate they had to wait longer.”
2016 US CSI Study, J.D. Power

CarTrax uses tiny tags fitted to cars along with sensors to read them, to automatically recognize your customer’s vehicle as it approaches the Service Drive. CarTrax welcomes the customer by name on a large display, and notifies porters and advisors of the customer’s arrival.

Well informed staff can now greet customers by name with paperwork ready to go.  This positive first impression builds the customer’s trust and confidence  in the advisor and dealership, often leading to more repeat business and higher average ROs.

Thereafter, CarTrax monitors and tracks progress of the vehicle through the service department, car wash and detailing, and notifies the service advisor and the customer the instant the vehicle is ready for pick-up. No time is lost, and customers experience a shorter wait.

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