CarTrax helps dealerships shrink reconditioning time-to-market, and thereby substantially increase trade-in profitability. By tracking Trade-in vehicles as they go through each reconditioning process, you can cut slack in process hand-offs and eliminate profit-eroding delays, especially when engaging third part services.

Over time CarTrax trend analysis can expose new types of blockages and help you quickly uncover the root cause of those delays, enabling you to continuously streamline your process and gradually reduce the costs and risks of reconditioning Trade-in vehicles.

CarTrax Benefits

  • Tracks trades through your process

  • Cuts the slack in process hand-offs

  • Improves time to market up to 35%

  • Raises Trade-in profit up to 20%

“The longer trade-ins stay in the shop, the more they cost us. By keeping cars moving along the process and not sitting idle we can cut reconditioning time by two or three days.”
GM, NC-based Dealership

When used vehicles are taken on a trade-in, readers located in the re-conditioning areas enable CarTrax to track  the vehicle all the way through the reconditioning process and automate fast hand offs between the different steps such as mechanical, windshield, paint, interior, detailing, and photos.  If a vehicle sits idle between steps for too long, alerts are triggered.

CarTrax software replaces spreadsheets and ad-hoc communication with an organized recon process that keeps everyone up to date and on-track with real-time status that is accessible from any computer or device. And all the accumulated data can be analyzed to uncover additional opportunities to refine your processes for even greater efficiency.

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