CarTrax® is developed by Entigral, a leader in RFID asset tracking and process optimization. The  solution is an industry-specific deployment of Entigral’s TraxWare sensor automation platform, now meeting the unique requirements of automotive dealers.

TraxWare is a versatile, modular platform which has been widely deployed in complex manufacturing environments across the US, including several automotive manufacturing plants. It is used to streamline various production workflows and provides unprecedented visibility of materials inventory and product status through different stages of the manufacturing process.  To date, TraxWare has helped manufacturers save tens of millions of dollars through reduced production errors, waste elimination and numerous other efficiencies.

However, unlike manufacturing environments, which each have unique requirements, new and used automotive dealers generally face similar challenges in tracking vehicle inventory and streamlining the service drive experience for their customers. So we created CarTrax to meet the needs of retail automotive dealerships for more streamlined processes and better inventory visibility.

CarTrax enhances the customer journey, from purchase to service, enabling dealers to lower their operating costs, reduce staff turnover, increase revenue and excel in customer satisfaction.

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